Teeth Whitening

Home Whitening

 £199 – Top and Bottom
Teeth whitening involve bleaching your teeth to make them lighter, this is an effective way of lightening the natural colour of your teeth without removing any of the tooth surface or damaging it.

Chairside Whitening

£250 – Top and Bottom

Whether you want a confidence boost or just to look your best, whitening remains the most-requested cosmetic dental procedure. But with increasing demands on time, today’s patients want whitening options that fit their lifestyle and fast results with little or no discomfort.


Chairside Whitening is an effective and very safe method involving an in-surgery procedure as well as a take home teeth whitening kit. We will start by taking impressions or moulds of your teeth in order to make your customised whitening trays. Whilst you are in the dental chair, a whitening gel is applied to your teeth. The Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed Accelerator light is shone onto your teeth, thus activating the whitening gel. Your teeth will instantly become shades whiter, leaving you with a beautiful smile.