Dental Check-Up £35

Dental Check-Up

Are you looking for a dental check near Hackney (Mare Street) or Bethnal Green?

Chrysanth Dental Care is conveniently located on Cambridge Heath Road (near Hackney & Bethnal Green), with excellent transport links, ideal for those with a busy lifestyle.

What Can a Patient Expect With a Dental Check Up at Chrysanth Dental Care?

We know that frequent dental checkups are important for maintaining good oral hygiene and dental health. When you first arrive at the practice you will be greeted with a very warm welcome by our professional friendly team. During the check up we’ll carry out a comprehensive oral examination to assess a number of checks including:

  • Gum Disease
  • Dental Decay
  • Tooth Wear
  • Mouth Cancer

Once the dental check up is complete and we have an overview of your oral health, we will then discuss if you require any further dental treatments and help you with the options to choose from.

Remember, prevention beats cure every time and you should visit the dentist and hygienist at least twice a year!

To find out more or book an appointment for your dental check up, please contact us.

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