Preventing Tooth Decay

Our dental team is dedicated to improving standards, and to giving guidance, support and preventative treatment and advice to everybody.

Below is an information for both adults and children giving some helpful advice.

Dietary Advice

For prevention of tooth decay we recommend:

• Sugary foods/treats should be restricted to mealtimes and the frequency and amount of sugary foods and drinks should be reduced

• Most sugars in the diet are contained in processed food and drinks

• It is important to wait at least 20 minutes to brush your teeth after you eat, and not straight away. When we eat something sugary our mouth is acidic for approximately 20 minutes, so it is important not to put a brush on the tooth surfaces as it will scrape away enamel.

It is also important to recognise that honey, fresh fruit juice and dried fruit also contain a lot of sugar.

If you think you are suffering from tooth decay it is useful to do a diet history recording what you eat, picking any four days in the week to bring along to your consultation. This will help us advise you on how best to improve you/ your child’s diet.

The tables below give you an insight on the amount of sugar contained in every day foods.

Cereals Amount of sugar per 100g
All Bran19.9g
Bran Flakes 22.8g
Corn Flakes 8.2g
Muesli-swiss style 26.2g
Rice Krispies 10.4g
Shreddies 15.4g
Special K17.8g
Sugar Puffs51.5g
Puffed Wheat0.3g
Cakes Amount of sugar per 100g
Currant Buns 16g
Chocolate Fudge Cake 44.4G
Lemon Meringue Pie 29.8g
Madeira Cake 36.5g
Sponge Cake with jam 47.7g
Scones-Fruit 18.9g
Desserts Amount of sugar per 100g
Instant Dessert 40.7g
Ice Cream Sauce 51g
Ice Cream Vanilla 18.7g
Instant Custard 11.1g
Jelly 15.1g
Fruit Yoghurt 16.6g
Fruit Cocktail Syrup 14.8g
Fruit Trifle Mix 16.7g
Tinned Rice Pudding 8.7g
BiscuitsAmount of sugar per 100g
Chocolate Digestive 28.5g
Digestive Biscuits 13.6g
Chocolate wafer 41.3g
Ginger Nuts 35.8g
Custards Cream 35.2g
Rich Tea 22.3g
Jaffa Cakes 53.9g
Savoury TRACE
Shortcake 15.7g
Confectionary's Amount of sugar per 100g
Boiled Sweets86.7g
Milk Chocolate 56.9g
Plain Chocolate 62.2g
Crème Egg 58g
Fruits Pastilles 59g
Kit Kat 50.1g
Liquorice Allsorts 62.4g
Snickers 47.5g
Mars Bar 66.2g
Milky Way 68.1g
Pepper Mints 102.7g
Smarties 70.8g
Twix 51.6g
Turkish Delight 68.6g
Toffees 44.8g
Soft Drinks Amount of sugar per 100g
Blackcurrant undiluted 59.1g
Fruit Juices8.3g - 10.g
Coca Cola 10.9g
Ginger Ale 3.9.g
Lemonade 5.8g
Orange squash undiluted 24.6g
Lucozade 14.3g
Tonic Water NILL
Soups Amount of sugar per 100g
Tin Tomato soup 2.6g
Packet Minestrone1.4g
SpreadsAmount of sugar per 100g
Chocolate Spread57.1g
Lemon Curd 40.4g
Syrup 79g
Treacle 66.8g
Peanut Butter-Smooth6.7g
Beverages Amount of sugar per 100g
Bourn Vita 52g
Drinks Chocolate 33g
Sauces and Pickles Amount of sugar per 100g
Brown Sauce 19.6g
Salad Cream 16.7g
Sweet Pickle 33.9g
Tomato Ketchup 27.5g


Need more advice?

The Dental Helpline offers confidential advice. Qualified dental professionals are available to answer your questions personally from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

References of sugar amounts are from ‘composition of foods’ by McCance and Widdowsons 6th Edition