Choosing the right Dentist

It is important to choose a dentist who is ethical, professional, and caring. The good news is the majority of dentists are, and you would be very unlucky if you came across one who wasn’t. So how do you choose a dentist that is right for you?

Recommendations from friends and family members or even your General Practitioner (GP), or your current dentist (if you are moving) can help. It is important to keep these questions in mind:

1. The availability of the dentist

2. Flexibility towards your lifestyle

3. Is the dentist prevention orientated

4. Is the dentist sincerely interested in my general and dental health

5. What services do they offer

6. Look at the pricelist

After considering all the recommendations, call a dentist for an appointment, and at this appointment you will know if he/she is the right dentist for you.

The cleanliness of the surgery, the courteousness of the staff and bedside manner of the dentist are good indicators about your future relationship with the practice. Don’t feel embarrassed to ask any questions during your consultation, after all this a relationship that needs to be built on mutual trust and respect.

Once you leave the surgery ask yourself:

1. How did the staff make me feel

2. How well did the dentist explain my treatment options

3. How well did the dentist listen to you

4. Was I able to ask questions

Remember it is useful to build a relationship with a dentist before an emergency arises and making an informed and intelligent choice will provide successful dental care.